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The Institute for Biomedical Engineering, the UT Medical Center Graduate School of Medicine and the UT College Veterinary Medicine are hosting a research workshop on May 2, 2016 at the downtown Hilton Hotel.

The purpose of this workshop is to facilitate dialogue and the (hopefully) formation of multi-disciplinary teams that will self-organize and produce significant collaborative research proposals in mutual areas of interest.  The workshop will emphasize four selected areas:  1) surgical robotics, 2) big data in medicine, 3) tissue regeneration and engineering, and 4) neuro degenerative disease diagnostics.  The workshop will begin with plenary talks in these four thrust areas.  After lunch (provided), attendees will participate in breakout sessions in these areas to discuss and identify potential avenues for collaborative proposals and eventually sponsored research.  The workshop will conclude with brief summaries by each breakout group.

If you, or your graduate students,  would like to attend the workshop, please send your contact information to Kathy Williams at  Space is limited so please register with Kathy as soon as possible. 




0800–0810 (10)

Introductions & Kick Off

Janet Nelson, Bill Hamel

0810–0835 (25)

Experiences with the Da Vinci Surgical Robot

Wesley White, MD

Assistant Professor

GSM Department of Surgery, Division of Urology

0835–0900 (25)

Future Directions in Surgical Robotics

Dr. Caleb Rucker

Assistant Professor, MABE

0900–0925 (25)

Big Data in Healthcare- A Complex Systems Approach

Bruce Ramshaw, MD, FACS

Professor and Chairman

GSM Department of Surgery

0925–0950 (15)


0950–1015 (25)

Tissue Engineering and the Body-Implant Interaction, Using Big Data and Analytics to Predict Patient Response.

Dr. Sheila Grant


Bioengineering Department

University of Missouri

1015–1040 (50)

Neuro Degen

Dr. Michelle Brewer, MD


UT Medical Center

1040–1130 (50)

Tissue Regeneration and Engineering

Dave Anderson, DVM, MS, DACVS

College of Veterinary Medicine

University of Tennessee

1130–1245 (75)


1245–1300 (15)

Charter Breakout Groups

Bill Hamel


Breakout Groups

1500–1515 (15)

Surgical Robotics Report

Caleb Rucker

1515–1530 (15)

Big Data in Medicine Report

Bruce Ramshaw

1530–1545 (15)

Tissue Regeneration and Engineering Report

Dave Anderson

1545–1600 (15)

Neuro Degenerative Disease Diagnostics Report

Russ Langdon/Eric Wade

1600–1630 (30)

Closing Discussions

Bill Hamel