Xueping Li

Associate Professor - Industrial and Systems Engineering Department

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Dr. Li is an Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering and the Director of the Ideation Laboratory (iLab) and the co-Director of the Health Information Technology and Simulation (HITS) Laboratory at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Arizona State University. His research areas include complex system modeling, simulation and optimization, information assurance, healthcare informatics, scheduling, and supply chain management. He is a member of IIE, IEEE and INFORMS.

Focus Areas: Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Health Systems | Healthcare Informatics | Scheduling | Supply Chain & Logistics

Skills and Expertise:  Research and Development | Interdisciplinary Collaboration | Technology Transfer | Health Systems Engineering

Selected Publications:

Optimizing Surgery Start Times for Operating Room via Simulation (accepted)
Y. Sun and X. Li, International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management , 2013.
Developing an Interactive Story for Children with Asthma (accepted)
T. Wyatt, X. Li, Y. Huang, R. Farmer, and D. Reed , Computers Informatics Nursing, 2013.
Reinforcement Learning for Joint Pricing, Lead-time and Scheduling Decisions in Make-to-Order Systems
X. Li, J. Wang, and R.Sawhney , European Journal of Operational Research, vol. 221(1), pp. 99-109, 2012.
Testing iCare v.1.0: An electronic health record learning tool
T.H. Wyatt, X. Li, C. Indranoi, and M. Bell, Computers Informatics Nursing, vol. 30(6), pp. 321-329, 2012.
Cost Reduction in Healthcare via Lean Six Sigma
Y. Huang, X. Li, J. Wilck, and T. Berg , Orlando, FL. Proceedings of the 2012 Industrial & Systems Engineering Research Conference, 2012.
Covering Models and Optimization Techniques for Emergency Response Facility Location and Planning: A Review
X. Li, Z. Zhao, X. Zhu, and T. Wyatt , Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, vol. 74(3), pp. 281-310, 2011.
Quantifying the Impact of Demand Substitution on Bullwhip Effect in a Simple Supply Chain
X. Li, L. Song, and Z. Zhao , Logistics Research, vol. 3(4), pp. 221-232, 2011.
Analyzing Trade-offs Between Efficiency and Equity on Public Facility Location
Z. Zhao, X. Zhu, and X. Li , Reno, NV. Proceedings of the 2011 Industrial Engineering Research Conference, 2011.
Intelligent Dynamic Control of Stochastic Economic Lot Scheduling by Agent-Based Reinforcement Learning
J. Wang, X. Li, and X. Zhu , International Journal of Production Research, vol. 50(16), pp. 4381-4395, 2011.
Minimizing Job Completion Time Variance for Service Stability on Identical Parallel Machines
X. Li, Y. Chen, and Y. Sun , Computers & Industrial Engineering, vol. 58(4), pp. 729-738, 2010.