Mark S. Gaylord

Professor - Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology & Program Director - Division of Neonatology

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Dr. Gaylord earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee at Martin and a M.D. from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. He completed his Residency in Pediatrics at The University of Colorado Health Science Center and his Fellowship in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine at the same institution. He is the Director of the Neonatal Intensive Care at UT Memorial Hospital and a Professor in the Department of Pediatrics.

Focus Areas: Neonatal Pulmonary Monitoring | New Ways to Ventilate Infants and Provide Oxygen | Neonatal Thermoregulation

Skills and Expertise: Critical Care for Infants | Neonatal Pulmonary and Thermoregulation/Homeostasis

Selected Publications:

A Randomized Control Trial of a Fiberoptic Blanket Blue LED vs Overhead Blue LED vs Metal Halole Spot vs Combination Fiberoptic Blue LED & Metal Halole spot Phototherapy Device
M.S. Gaylord, W. Sturtz, M.E. Anderson, and J. Schmid, Washington, DC. American Academy of Pediatrics National Meeting and Exposition, 2009.
Improving Perinatal Health, A Novel Approach to Improved Community and Adult Health
M. Gaylord, M. Greer, and J. Botti, Journal of Perinatology, vol. 28, no. 2, pp. 91-96, 2008.
NICU Varicella Exposure Leads to Construction of Negative Pressure Isolation Using Common Materials
K. Massey, M. Gaylord, T. Watson, C. Duncan, and E. Harris, Orlando, FL. 19th Annual Gravens Conference on the Physical and Developmental Environment of the High Risk Neonate, 2006.
Increased Incidence of Parenteral-Nutrition Associated Cholestasis with Aminosyn PF compared to Trophamine
K. Wright, K.D. Ernst, M.S. Gaylord, J.P. Dawson, and T.M. Burnette, Journal of Perinatology, vol. 23, no. 6, pp. 444-50, 2003.
Improved Fluid Management Utilizing Humidified Incubators in Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants
M.S. Gaylord, K. Wright, K. Lorch, V. Lorch, and E. Walker, Journal of Perinatology, vol. 21, no. 7, pp. 438-443, 2001.
Improved Fluid Management Utilizing Humidified Isolettes in Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants
M. Gaylord, K. Wright, K. Lorch, V. Lorch, and E. Walker, Pediatric Research, vol. 47, pp. 399, 2000.
Aminosyn PF Associated with Doubled Incidence of Neonatal Cholestasis
K. Ernst, M. Gaylord, T. Burnette, K. Wright, J. Dawson, E. Walker, and C. White, Pediatric Research, vol. 47, pp. 286, 2000.
General Neonatal Physiological Considerations
M. Gaylord and C. Michaluk, In: Vidyasagar D and Jaimovich D, eds. Handbook of Pediatric and Neonatal Transport Medicine. Philadelphia: Hanley and Belfus, Inc., Medical Publishers, pp. 51-66, 1996.
Altered Platelet Activating Factor Levels and Acetyhydrolase Activities are Associated with Increasing Severity of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
M.S. Gaylord, Z.L. Smith, V. Lorch, M.C. Blank, and F. Snyder, American Journal of the Medical Sciences, vol. 312, no. 4, pp. 149-154, 1996.
The Novel Use of Sterile Water Gastric Drips for Management of Fluid and Electrolyte Abnormalities in Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants
M.S. Gaylord, S. Lorch, V. Lorch, and K. Wright, Neonatal Intensive Care, vol. 8, pp. 44-48, 1995.