Leonard H. Hines

Assistant Professor - Department of Surgery & Co-Director - UT Center for Advanced Medical Simulation

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Dr. Hines attended UTK and earned his MD from the UTHSC in 1964. He completed his General Surgery training at the UTHSC and subsequent Vascular Fellowship in 1973. While his primary emphasis was clinical practice, he was a Clinical Instructor in Family Practice and Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Surgery at the UTHSC. Evolving administrative responsibilities led to his becoming Chairman of the Governing Board of St. Francis Hospital in Memphis,TN, before retiring from active surgery practice in 2008. Since  then , he has been Co-Director of the University of Tennessee Center for Advanced Medical Simulation, which attained in December, 2012, Level 1 Accreditation by the American College of Surgeons/Accredited Educational Institute.

Focus Areas: Simulation in Education and Training of Healthcare Personnel | Collaborative Relationships for Research Endeavors | Development of New Technology

Skills and Expertise: General and Vascular Surgery | Clinical Practice and Training of Students, Residents, and Fellows | Incorporation of Simulation into the Educational Curriculum

Selected Publications:

Using the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program and the Tennessee Surgical Quality Collaborative to Improve Surgical Outcomes
O. Guillamondegui, O. Gunter, L. Hines, B.J. Martin, W. Gibson, P.C. Clarke, W.T. Cecil, and J.B. Cofer, Hot Springs, VA. Southern Surgical Association 123rd Annual Meeting, 2011.
Evaluation of the SALT as an Adjuvant to Blind Endotracheal Intubation Using Simulation
P.J. Huffstutter, L.H. Hines, T.M. Jones, R.M. Craft, D.R. Bustamonte, M. Klar, J. Roark, R.C. Brooks, J.R. Gore, and A. Slemp, New Orleans, LA. International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare, 2011.
An Inexpensive, Realistic, Do- It-Yourself (DIC) Colon Model for Endoscopic Training
M. Jones, J. Roark, M. Klar, P.J. Huffstutter, and L. Hines, New Orleans, LA. International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare, 2011.
Novel Learners for Medical Simulation Center Bring Unique Benefits”, International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare
M. Klar, P.J. Huffstutter, L.H. Hines, and J. Roark, New Orleans, LA. International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare, 2011.
Basic Vascular Examination
L.H. Hines and P.H. Huffstutter, Association of Surgical Educators Surgical Curriculum Module-A Peer Reviewed book Chapter with on-line Publication, 2010.
Arterio-Venous Access Grafts; Techniques of Construction and Preservation af Graft Life
L.H. Hines, G. Randolph Turner, W.S. King, Jr., C.E. McDaniel, and D.J. Dodd, . In Henry ML., Ferguson RM, eds. Vascular Access for Hemodialysis III. Chicago: Gore, pp. 175-185, 1993.
Femoral Tibial Bypass Grafts
O. Brewster Harrington, R.Y. Wolf, B.A. Reichart, and L.H. Hines, Southern Medical Journal, vol. 69, no. 4, pp. 393-395, 1976.
10 Years Experience Treating Pancreatic and Periampullary Cancer
L. H. Hines and P. Burns, AM Surgeon, vol. 42, no. 6, pp. 441-447, 1976.