Andy Sarles

Assistant Professor - Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering Department

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Dr. Andy Sarles is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (MABE) at the University of Tennessee (UT). He earned his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from UT and received both his master’s degree and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech. Dr. Sarles also serves as the Director for the Distinguished Seminar Series within MABE. His research interests lie at the interface of biology, chemistry, and engineering design.

Focus Areas: Bioinspired Systems | Biomolecular Materials for Sensing, Actuation, Energy-harvesting, and Biomedical Applications

Skills and Expertise: Research and Development | Interdisciplinary Collaboration | Industrial Collaboration

Selected Publications:

Validity of A New Respiratory-Resistance Measurement Device to Detect Glottal-Area Change (in print)
S. Gallena, W. Tian, N.P. Solomon, A.T. Johnson, J. Vossoughid, and S.A. Sarles, Journal of Voice, 2013.
Biomimetic Jellyfish-Inspired Underwater Vehicle Actuated by Ionic Polymer Metal Composite Actuators
J. Najem, S.A. Sarles, B. Akle, and D.J. Leo, Smart Materials and Structures, vol. 21(9), pp. 1-11, 2012.
Membrane-Based Biomolecular Smart Materials
S.A. Sarles and D.J. Leo, Smart Materials and Structures, vol. 20(9), pp. 1-12, 2011.
Hair Cell Inspired Mechanotransduction With a Gel-Supported, Artificial Lipid Membrane
S.A. Sarles, J.D.W. Madden, and D.J. Leo, Soft Matter, vol. 7(10), pp. 4644-4653, 2011.
Bilayer Formation Between Lipid-Encased Hydrogels Contained in Solid Substrates
S.A. Sarles, L.J. Stiltner, C.B. Williams, and D.J. Leo, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, vol. 2(12), pp. 3654-3663, 2010.
Physical Encapsulation of Droplet Interface Bilayers for Durable, Portable Biomolecular Networks
S.A. Sarles and D.J. Leo, Lab Chip, vol. 10(6), pp. 710-717, 2010.
Regulated Attachment Method for Reconstituting Lipid Bilayers of Prescribed Size within Flexible Substrates
S.A. Sarles and D.J. Leo, Analytical Chemistry, vol. 82(3), pp. 959-966, 2010.
Tailored Current—Voltage Relationships of Droplet-Interface Bilayers Using Biomolecules and External Feedback Control
S.A. Sarles and D.J. Leo, Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, vol. 20(10), pp. 1233-1247, 2009.
Consolidation of U-Nyte® Epoxy-Coated Carbon-Fiber Composites via Temperature-Controlled Resistive Heating
S.A. Sarles and D.J. Leo, Journal of Composite Materials, vol. 42(24), pp. 2551-2566, 2008.