UT Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Student Chapter


About Us

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville chapter of BMES is an active community formed by the Undergraduate and graduate students of the Department of Mechanical, Biomedical and Aerospace Engineering, to provide opportunities for the students to establish professional network and activities to communicate the latest technological advances in the field of Biomedical Engineering.

We boost engineering student-doctor interaction by facilitating shadow-a-doctor schemes in collaboration with UT Medical center. Seminars and workshops are conducted on topics suggested/chosen by the students. Industrial tours are also organized to help students get a peak at how industries work.



To become a member of the UT-BME Society, students must register with the national BMES (bmes.org). Any members of the national BMES, new or existing, should send their membership ID# to bmes@utk.edu to complete the local registration process. Student dues for the national BMES are lower than what is required for most professional societies, and there is a long list of exclusive benefits for members.


Current Membership

Alicia Adams Guru Venkatesan Misagh Mansouri
Amanda Randolph Jananii Vaz Nima Tamaddoni Jahromi
Anna Green Javier Ferrer-Garcia Reed Schneider
Caroline Bryson Jenny Patel Scotty Chung
Chloe O’Dell Jesse Fisher Shirin Masjedi
Clayton Greer Julie Kolson Taylor Schlotman
Doug Bouler Mary-Anne Nguyen Tina Anjonrin-Ohu
Emily Morin Matthew Entler Tony Nguyen
Gavin Long Michael Fang Willy Yingha
Graham Taylor Michael Potter Zachary Clayton



President:  Tina Anjonrin-Ohu
Vice President:  Jananii Vaz
Secretary:  Maryam Zokaeinikoo
Treasurer: Reza Abiri
Webmaster:  Sadra Hammati
President Elect: Reed Schneider


Contact Information

Email: bmes@utk.edu