Zeiss Libra 200 MC

Zeiss Libra200MCThe ZEISS Libra 200 MC TEM/STEM is a fully analytical instrument capable of producing high resolution high contrast images due to the Zeiss proprietary electron gun monochromator (MC) and Kohler illumination system. The monochromator enables the operator to reduce the energy width of primary electrons to less than 0.2 eV and thereby allows for highest resolution in Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS).

Key Features:

  • 60keV – 200keV operation
  • Kohler illumination system
  • Electron gun monicromator for superior energy resolution
  • Zeiss Omega filter for electron energy loss spectroscopy and energy-filtered imaging
  • Set up for cryo-microscopy
  • Electron tomography in both TEM and STEM mode

Services and Fee Structure:

  • User Fee Unassisted Cost/Hr – $40
  • User Fee Assisted Cost/Hr – $80
  • Additional expenses may apply such as a

    per sample charge for specimen preparation and charges for consumables used during specimen preparation and microscopy. Users are welcome to supply their own consumables to avoid those charges. The fees listed are for internal UTK users only.

Equipment location:
Advanced Microscopy and Imaging Center 
Science and Engineering Research Facility, room 101
Contact information:
Dr. John Dunlap