TA Instruments Q-800 DMA

dma-b2The Q-800 is a dynamic mechanical analyzer capable of measuring  the mechanical properties of materials such as storage modulus, loss modulus, tan delta, strain percent, and stiffness.  The following clamps are available along with sample size specifications: single/dual cantilever clamp (length: 32 mm for single and 57 mm for dual; width: up to 15 mm; thickness: up to 5 mm); film tension clamp (length: 5-30 mm; width: up to 6.5 mm; thickness: up to 2 mm) and fiber tension clamp (length: 5-30 mm; diameter: up to 1.25 mm). Stress, strain, and frequency experiments can be carried out over the temperature range of -145°C to 600°C.

Equipment location:
The Polymer Characterization Laboratory
Buehler Hall, room 562
Contact information:
The Polymer Characterization Laboratory
Phone: (865) 974-2087