ViscoSystems AVS 370 Dilute Solution Viscometer

Viscometer-1The Schott Instruments AVS 370 is an automated dilute solution viscometer where the initial concentrated solution is placed in the viscometer and the dilutions are done automatically utilizing the Dilut 4.0 solftware which is computer controlled. The system will do up to 5 dilutions per experiment. The total capacity of the viscometer is 75 ml so the only limitation to the number of dilutions is the total volume. The following three viscometers are available: type 531-03 (0.47 mm capillary with K = 0.003); type 531-10 (0.64 mm capillary with K = 0.01); and type 531-13 (0.84 mm capillary with K = 0.03). The viscometer is equipped with optical sensors for starting and stopping the timer, a heater/cooler bath for temperature regulation, a built-in magnetic stirrer to assure homogeneity in the soltuion, and an automatic burette for accurately and uniformly dispensing solvent.

Equipment location:
The Polymer Characterization Laboratory
Buehler Hall, room 562
Contact information:
The Polymer Characterization Laboratory
Phone: (865) 974-2087