PDExpert Multi-Angle Light Scattering

pdls-b2The PDExpert is equipped with five static light scattering detectors shown at the bottom in the picture and four dynamic light scattering detectors shown at the top in the picture.  Dynamic and static light scattering can be run simultaneously on any sample at various temperatures utilizing either the cuvette cell holder or the flow cell.  The number average molecular weight, root mean square radius of gyration, and second Virial coefficient can be determined from static light scattering, while dynamic light scattering gives information on  the hydrodynamic radius of particles 3-3000 nm in size as well as the diffusion coefficient.  In addition, DLS also provides information about the size distribution of particles. Samples ranging from below 1000 to several million daltons can be analyzed with this instrument.

Equipment location:
The Polymer Characterization Laboratory
Buehler Hall, room 562
Contact information:
The Polymer Characterization Laboratory
Phone: (865) 974-2087