LV EM5 Low Voltage Electron Microscope (SEM & TEM)

lvem-a2The Delong Instruments low voltage electron microscope operates at a fixed 5 kV working voltage, and has the capability of performing in TEM mode or in SEM mode. The beam cannot penetrate through samples, but TEM mode is well suited for analyzing nanoparticles in solution. 50 nm particles can be easily seen. SEM imaging utilizes a back scattering electron detector, and is used to analyze samples up to 0.5 nm thick. Heavy metals such as OsO4 or RuO4 may be used to selectively stain samples, providing contrast in heterogeneous systems. Features as small as 100-200 nm are easily observed. The following grids are available: 200 mesh Cu grids, 400 mesh Cu grids, 200 mesh index Cu grids, 200 mesh carbon coated Cu grids, 200 mesh lacey carbon coated Cu grids, and 200 mesh holey carbon coated Cu grids.

Equipment location:
The Polymer Characterization Laboratory
Buehler Hall, room 562
Contact information:
The Polymer Characterization Laboratory
Phone: (865) 974-2087