LEO 1525

LEO1521The LEO 1525 is a high resolution FE-SEM. The field emission gun allows the user to produce a small probe with high current density for better resolution and enhanced microanalysis. The microscope is equipped with an Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometer for elemental microanalysis. The microscope has a standard SE detector for topographic imaging and an in-lens detector for surface specific imaging. The microscope may be run at accelerating voltages from 0.5kV to 20kV and the resolution of the microscope is 1.5nm at 20kV and 3.5nm at 1kV.

Services and Fee Structure:

  • User Fee Unassisted Cost/Hr – $40
  • User Fee Assisted Cost/Hr – $65
  • Additional expenses may apply such as a per sample charge for specimen preparation and charges for consumables used during specimen preparation and microscopy. Users are welcome to supply their own consumables to avoid those charges. The fees listed are for internal UTK users only.
Equipment location:
Advanced Microscopy and Imaging Center 
Science and Engineering Research Facility, room 101
Contact information:
Dr. John Dunlap