Femtojet Microinjector and Micromanipulator

SARLESThe World Precision Instruments SM325 Programmable Motorized Micromanipulator and Controller has a 3-axis, stepper motor driven micromanipulator that features 25mm travel along each axis, with 0.1μm resolution.  The manipulator is controlled using the MCL3 controller, which allows for manual control via joystick or automated positioning with the accompanying software interface.

The Eppendorf Femtojet Microinjector enables controlled injections of small liquid volumes of up to 100pL via independent control of injection pressure (0-6,000hPa in increments of 5hPa), compensation pressure (0-6,000hPa in increments of 5hPa), and injection time (0-99.9 seconds, in increments of 0.1 seconds).  The device features an integrated compressor and uses Eppendorf Femotips (0.5μm inner diameter at the tip).

Equipment location:
Bioinspired Materials and Transduction Laboratory
Dougherty Engineering Building, room 302
Contact information:
Dr. Andy Sarles