Brice-Phoenix Differential Refractometer-Model BP-2000-V

Brice-Phoenix-1The Brice-Phoenix refractometer is equipped with three filters and a mercury-vapor lamp as a light source.  The available wavelengths are 441 nm, 547 nm, and 577 nm.  This allows for the measurement of dn/dc at three wavelengths from which the dn/dc at any other wavelength can be determined (a plot of dn/dc versus 1/λ squared is linear).  The refractometer is equipped with a quartz cell which allows for both organic and aqueous applications.  The refractometer is also equipped with a Fisher Scientific Isotemp Refrigerated Circulator for controlling the temperature of the cell.

Equipment location:
The Polymer Characterization Laboratory
Buehler Hall, room 562
Contact information:
The Polymer Characterization Laboratory
Phone: (865) 974-2087