Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer

accuri_overviewThe BD Accuri™ C6 is a personal flow cytometer that brings flow cytometry within reach by being easy to use, simple to maintain, and affordable. Small and easily transportable, the BD Accuri C6 cytometer measures 11 x 14.75 x 16.5 in. (27.9 x 37.5 x 41.9 cm) (H x W x D) and weighs just 30 pounds (13.6 kg). It is small enough to easily fit on a benchtop, and can be placed in a laminar flow hood. The system is equipped with a blue laser and a red laser, two scatter detectors, and four fluorescence detectors with interference filters optimized for the detection of FITC, PE, PerCP-Cy™5.5, and APC. A compact optical design, fixed alignment, and pre-optimized detector settings make the system easier to use.

A unique low-pressure pumping system drives the fluidics. A sheath-focused core enables event rates of up to 10,000 events per second and a sample concentration over 5 x 106 cells per mL. The optional BD CSampler™ accessory streamlines  sample processing with reliable and easy-to-use automation.

Equipment location:
Science and Engineering Research Facility, 7th floor

Contact information:
Dr. Eric Boder